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Jesus’ Person | Lent 2024

Jesus’ connection with the Holy Spirit is well represented within the Easter narrative. You’re going to read a few Lent entries about this in week two which begins tomorrow. It strikes me that the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus has been in relationship with from eternity, is Jesus’ key person. There’s more mystery in that supposition than I can possibly grapple with. But what’s on my mind today is this__the Holy Spirit indwells me just as He did Jesus. He means to engage with me the way He did with Jesus. So one of the questions I’m asking as I write is: Do I consider Him my person? Because when I think about someone being my person, a whole slew of implications arise.

I hope you might ponder the same question for yourself. I know too many folks in the deficit when it comes to enjoying meaningful relationships. I’m certain the Lord means for us to be thriving in that category. I’m praying for you and for me__hoping we can tap into this primary Person waiting for us in plain “site” and within reach.



  • Ida Bunting

    I’ve been asking myself the same question. Shouldn’t he be enough. We keep looking for, whatever, to full fill this need in ourselves and we have the answer in the Holy Spirit who is in me. Blessings to you Anne

  • Anonymous

    What a joy to be in this journey with Jesus, through reading your insightful devotions again. I just love it! I look forward to each day and asking the Lord to stir my heart, to awaken my soul and to reveal more of Jesus in these important weeks leading to the cross and the Resurrection.
    I’m so thankful that the Spirit of God is at work to empower and to give me a new heart as the verse in Ezekiel says. today’s devotional brings hope amid trials and hardships. Spirit of God – I’m so thankful you are with me to teach me and mold me to be more like Jesus. What grace, patience and love.

  • micago58

    Oh… wow… i dont even know where to begin.. ‘grappling’ with this???
    I ask, i surrender (as best i can), i wait (as best i can!)… come Holy Spirit???
    Im pondering Luke 11:12???

  • Melissa Bokron

    I am loving this journey with Jesus. I was pondering after yesterday‘s reading about 40 years in the wilderness, 40 days in the desert…thinking of my last 40 years… Blessing, doubt, disobedience, rescue, restoration, blessing… Rinse and repeat! Our God is so gracious and good…and patient!

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