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Jesus’ Ways | Lent 2024

I’m meditating on the words of Jesus found in Luke 6:27-36, (Jesus Love to the End, pages 20-22). He talks about love in a way so foreign to me, even though I have belonged to Him for decades. I wonder if this is the same for you too. A statement like “Do good to those who hate you” is an action statement. It’s more than thinking nice thoughts about that person. To love the one who hates you requires an act of goodness toward them. That’s next-level living if I’m being honest. How about this__ “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you”. Again, action statements.

While I’m working through the fact that this miffs me, I also recognize that all Jesus is saying is, love people like I love them__ like I love you. The remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus is just weeks ahead of us. The death of Jesus is unarguably the single greatest expression of love as per the Luke 6 passage. How can I love like Jesus does? How do I do what He is telling (not asking) me to do?

To love as Jesus loves is normal Kingdom-living. It’s what Kingdom citizens do which of course, isn’t possible apart from the moving of the Spirit of God in us. I’m praying for strength as I reach for Him and submit to His influence (I’m praying for you too).

– Anne

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