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Consider Him | Lent 2024

I was struck, as I read today’s Lent entry, (Jesus, Love to the End, pages 4-6), that the Lord Himself is offering me an opportunity to commune with Him. Each day, He invites me into a dialogue where I can talk to Him and He can talk to me. I know that is painfully obvious, but today that reality strikes me deeply. I’m asking Him to let that reality come to life for you too. This is dream-come-true kind of stuff. Enjoy the presence of God today. Wherever you are at this moment, He is there too.

Peace to You,


  • Anonymous

    So much to take away from today’s devotional. Especially this; “And if we are truly gong to “consider Him,” we are going to have to let Him slow the train of our lives down.” In order to “consider Him,” I need to fast from my to do list; the self-created busyness of my life. Thanks a million Anne.

  • Luann

    Thank you, Anne. Jesus’ invitation into an unbroken, forever love relationship with him is, as you say, beyond our wildest “dream come true” hope for the future—how could we not say yes?!?

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