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Wisdom Of The World?

If I seek to apply the wisdom of the world as the events of this week unfold, I will make no meaningful contribution to the greater good. I will in no way advance the kingdom of God. I will not aid anyone’s attempt to rise above the fray. I will be a child of God content to keep the light of the world hidden within me. That’s not going to do.

For most of us, there are but a handful of people we directly influence. Most of them live under the same roof we do. The rest we are likely maintaining running text threads with. In other words, they are accessible.

Let’s determine to behave in the world with simplicity and godly sincerity for the good of those we influence. Let’s plead with the Lord for the ability to apply His wisdom to whatever needs might arise. If Godly wisdom should flow from us, it will be so by the grace of God. But make no mistake, it’s His desire that it would flow freely.

Be encouraged! The One whose kingdom never ends is already on the other side of our nations transfer of power. And He is here with us now. He has wisdom in His hands for us if we would but ask for it.

For our boast is this,
the testimony of our conscience,
that we behaved in the world
not by earthly wisdom
but by the grace of God,
and supremely so toward you.

2 Corinthians 1:12

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