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If Not Today, When?

If you are holding something against another person, or if you know they are holding something against you, what keeps you from going to them for resolution? Maybe you think, it’s too small to bother with today. At some point you will hear yourself say that it’s too big to bother with, and you will most likely move on, stepping over that pile of festering, unresolved muck. Of course you know the pile doesn’t go away. It keeps growing, both in you and the other person.

You might be curious to have missed the point where the issue was just the right size to address and make right. That’s because selfish hearts, desperate to be right and to be seen for being right, can’t possibly entertain that there is a right time to do a thing that someone else really “should do.”

We come to conflicts in this difficult time of life without emotional reserves. That can be our excuse for not making a thing right, or it can be our motivation to get it done today. Why make it right? Why be the one to take the initiative? Because that’s what followers of Jesus do. They reach for God the Holy Spirit, who resides in them, and they follow Him to the other person. They draw upon love that originates not in themselves, but in Him. And then they offer it to the person with whom they have an offense. Doesn’t matter even the slightest, who is in the right or not. It. Does. Not. Matter.

God does in a person’s heart whatever their heart is willing to have done. So it begs the question; If not today, when?

When a man’s ways please the Lord,
he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Proverbs 16:7

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  • Kathie


    This is so good! Thanks Anne for getting to the root problem and the reason to take initiative...obedience to Jesus! It’s always about looking to Him and his character in how we should model our relationships with others. We have the perfect example. Sad our quick we are to wander from the simple truths of Gods word.

  • Alllan Sawyer


    Anne, Such a great message. Reflecting on life lessons learned, this is perhaps one of the greatest. Whenever I speak on forgiveness I share such a story that had festered for years. Healing occurred after a single conversation and praying together. The impact was palpable. Thank you for sharing this wisdom today in a hurting world. Allan

  • Linda Huckabee Murphy


    Thanks Anne! I have lived through this so much with family. God is on His throne, but it’s not easy with us humans. Thanks for putting it into great words. Love you!

    • Anne Barbour


      Yes, I know this is far too common for far too many of us! I can't imagine the measureless mercy that God has sent our way dealing just with this kind of hardship! Love to you, Linda!

    • Douglas Lynch


      Thanks Anne that is great... I met John when he was in Maitland NSW with Wings of Light maybe 1983 also remember Linda very well too.. it was a wonderful week of ministry, Michael, lead guitar player stayed with us in our home God Bless Doug

  • Len


    Anne, this is a great message! Thank you!❤ So please don't think that I'm being critical... but when the other members of your family won't even talk to you until you conform to their demands. Consequently resolution doesn't happen and heartbreak continues! I can only give this dispute of a mountain to Him!

    • Anne Barbour


      Of course you're not being critical. I'm certain there are countless situations where a person has taken initiative to no avail. For them, they face the daily challenge of waiting upon the Lord. Some will see resolve. Others will not. It's not easy! Bless you!

  • Renee Evans


    Amazing message!!! It's time to resolve any and all issues in the name of God our Father!!! Thank you

  • kirk


    YES!!! May our Lord take this message everywhere it needs to go, especially right now as so many people have gotten used to the poison of unforgiveness.

  • Melanie Burns


    This is so good. Time to step up!! Love you ~ !

  • Raeanne Newquist


    Good word friend!

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