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The Closing of Jesus’ Public Life | Lent 2024

We are in week three of Lent which begins the day after Jesus triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, (Jesus, Love to the End, pages 31-50). These are some of the most compelling days in history. As you read your entries this week, I pray you will afford yourself enough time to become immersed in the story of the final days of Jesus public ministry. There are far more details recorded in the Gospels than you might imagine.

If it was Monday and you knew that on Friday you would be betrayed and murdered, what would consume your thoughts and how would you spend your last few days? What would matter to you? We get a look at what matters to Jesus and it’s deeply impactful. Remember, there are 5 entries per week so you can pace yourself as you read. I’m praying for all of us as we take in these scenes that close out Jesus public life.

Bless You This Week,

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