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Thankful | Lent 2024

Twice in the final week of Jesus’ life leading up to the cross, He is anointed for burial, (Jesus, Love to the End, pages 43-46). In both instances the room is teeming with people, but as significant as these events are, Jesus and only one single other person understand what’s happening. All the others present are in different head spaces. My melancholy tendencies want to grieve for how clueless almost everyone is. But this morning as I write, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that Jesus is seen by someone in both these scenes. And not just seen__ these two women also take action on His behalf.

No one understands isolation and loneliness better than Jesus does. So I want to encourage you today__ you have a Person who sees you… acts on your behalf… understands what actually matters. If no one else around you today seems clued in to you and the condition of your heart, Jesus is. It’s safe for you to open your heart to Him. He knows just what you need and knows just what to do to meet those needs.


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