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Selfless | Lent 2024

As I journey very slowly through the passages of scripture that cover the hours of the Last Supper and the walk to the garden of Gethsemane, I am overwhelmed by the selflessness of Jesus. Everything I need to know about what it means to love someone is in the narrative. Jesus and His twelve disciples share Passover, then take a walk together. He uses the time to prepare His inner circle for what’s coming in the next few hours and beyond.

Jesus has taught His followers to depend entirely upon Him, so He knows that His impending departure is going to send them reeling. And their dinner conversation (the download of the ages) is raising questions, causing panic, and creating deep fear in them. All the while Jesus provides comfort, because His words are devastating them.

The level of care Jesus gives to His friends during these hours is immeasurable. In glaring contrast, there is not a single instance recorded where we find the twelve aware, or in any way caring for Jesus. This is a one-way, comprehensive, unreciprocated act of caregiving__ and remember, it’s Jesus’ “hour” that is at hand.

The full spectrum of emotions is experienced as I sit with the Holy Spirit in these accounts of the last days and hours before Jesus will be arrested. There is equal parts devastation and elation. The selflessness of Jesus is both heart wrenching and glorious. This is awe-and-wonder stuff. It’s in-your-face-practical, and nearly a total mystery all at once. The practical part reminds me I’m commanded to love others like Jesus loves. Phew. The mystery reminds me that God the Spirit is at the ready, to do for me what He did for Jesus.

Hoping for the Miraculous,


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