'Day One' Blog

Lent 2024

Today marks day one of Lent. If you don’t have a Lent tradition I encourage you to explore what’s available so that your journey toward Easter (yes, it’s right around the corner) will be meaningful for you and those around you.

I’m prayerfully recommending Jesus, Love to the End as a devotional for you this Lent season. It’s available on Amazon. The story of the life of Jesus, particularly the roughly ten days leading up to His crucifixion, are among the most compelling in all of history. A slow walk through them was life-changing for me and I think it will be for you too.

It’s fitting that the first day of Lent falls on Valentine’s Day this year. There is no greater love story than the one described so beautifully in the pages of the Gospels. Jesus shows us what true love looks like and what that love will cause a person to do for the object of their devotion. In case you don’t know it already… you are that blessed one who is so deeply loved by God.

Bless you on this first day of Lent and in the weeks ahead.

With great expectation,

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