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The Posture of My Heart (ETD – Pt. 6)

The Posture of My Heart ~ Humility

Hear my cry, O God,
listen to my prayer;
~ Psalm 61:1 ~


When I draw into the dialogue, a powerful thing happens as I purpose to remember where I come, and Who I come to. For whatever reason, the remembering of these things is part of how God is teaching me to be in His presence. Attitude and perspective are vital components in effective dialogue (where God has His way).

In case I have any delusions that the attitude of my heart doesn’t really matter to God, these words enlighten:

“But if they confess their iniquity
and the iniquity of their fathers
in their treachery that they
committed against me,
and also in walking contrary to me,
so that I walked contrary to them
and brought them into the land
of their enemies—
if then their uncircumcised heart is humbled
and they make amends for their iniquity,
then I will remember my covenant with Jacob,
and I will remember my covenant with Isaac
and my covenant with Abraham,
and I will remember the land.
~ Leviticus 26:40-42 ~

This is the first reference in scripture that speaks to the yield of a heart humbled. Two things must happen in this declaration so that God will shift His posture toward His children: They must make amends for their sin, and they must humble themselves.

There is a version of this that happens every time I draw into the presence of The Triune God. It happens as I remember who God is, and remember what is already taking place in that intimate community. It happens as I remember who I am and what God has extended to me. There is no room for self-centeredness or pride when I look intently at the holiness of God and the beauty of His merciful hand reaching for me. It takes me to my knees….every time.

I occupy my place in the fourth chair humbly. If there is pride lurking within me, God reveals it and orients me afresh so that the thing which He so detests melts, and I am aligned with Him again. My heart is tender again. My ears hear again. I am teachable, malleable. He’s God and I am His. I’ve earned none of the favor He extends to me.

The reference from Leviticus speaks of the possible shift in God’s posture. But in the age of grace I live in, God’s posture toward me is fixed. I am complete in Christ. God’s heart toward me is sure. It does not harden or alter in any way. But, I can erect all kinds of barriers that impede the flow of fellowship between us.

I ask the Lord to humble me, knowing that as He does, MY posture will be righted and I will again be ready to give and receive in His company.

Humble yourselves before the Lord,
and he will exalt you.
~ James 4:10 ~

Search me, O God, and know my heart!
Try me and know my thoughts!
And see if there be any grievous way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting!
~ Psalm 139:23-24 ~

Hear my prayer, O Lord;
let my cry come to you!
~ Psalm 102:1 ~


  • Nancy

    The closer we are to God and the deeper we go with Him, the greater is our understanding of the depths of our unworthiness, and the greater our understanding of the depths of His love for us and the power of His grace & mercy in spite of our unworthiness.

    Thank you, Anne.

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