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    Pray Without Ceasing (ETD – Pt. 9)

    One of the glorious aspects of being an eternal being, secure in my destiny, is that the process of discovery never ends. So while I am in awe every time I’m in any way illuminated to some truth, I have an expectation that there awaits another equally amazing truth, one layer beneath. I have been thoroughly and wonderfully caught up, meditating on what it means to live my life in the company of God. A transformation has and is taking place where old language is discarded and new language has taken up residence, giving voice to fresh views of “prayer.” When I draw into the company of God; when I…

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    The Concession of My Will (ETD – Pt. 8)

    The Concession of My Will ~ Submission There is a load of rich Biblical history depicting tenacious men and women beseeching God for what they wanted. Abraham respectfully yet repeatedly spoke with the Lord with regard to the destruction of Sodom. Jacob wrestled for a blessing. Hannah pleaded for a son. The Apostle Paul wanted relief from his “thorn in the flesh.” And Jesus asked, three times no less, that the task set before Him be removed. Peter had it right when he confessed, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Similarly, the Children of Israel were experts at going right to the Source with praise,…

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    The Confessions of My Mouth (ETD – Pt. 7)

    The Confessions of My Mouth ~ Honesty Who can discern his errors?     Declare me innocent from hidden faults. Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me! ~ Psalm 19:12-13 ~ As I consider being in the fourth chair, the subject of honesty turns out to be a multi-layered conversation. On the surface and under the umbrella of humility (ETD Pt. 6), honesty is an obvious central component of healthy, life-giving dialogue. Until it shows up, I sit in virtual darkness, unable to converse about the contents of life, either because I won’t or cannot see. It’s hard to have a genuine conversation with someone you aren’t honest with.…

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    The Posture of My Heart (ETD – Pt. 6)

    The Posture of My Heart ~ Humility Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; ~ Psalm 61:1 ~ ~ When I draw into the dialogue, a powerful thing happens as I purpose to remember where I come, and Who I come to. For whatever reason, the remembering of these things is part of how God is teaching me to be in His presence. Attitude and perspective are vital components in effective dialogue (where God has His way). In case I have any delusions that the attitude of my heart doesn’t really matter to God, these words enlighten: “But if they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their…

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    Consuming or Pursuing (ETD – Pt. 5)

    Consuming or Pursuing ~ Our consumerist culture has pervasively influenced our Christian culture. I don’t think most folks would argue against that point. The temptation from culture is to approach spirituality as consumers. We “shop” for churches, for speakers, for musical preferences, for programs, for bible studies… we pursue with the idea that we are the object of import, so it seems logical, even responsible, that we look around to find what suits us. Once we land somewhere, we begin to integrate whatever the standing criteria are for that institution. We develop skills. We hone disciplines (like “prayer”). We adapt to our chosen environment. Still, the process is largely self-serving…

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    Entering the Dialogue – Pt. 1

    The oneness and diversity that lives within the person of God are one of the most wonderful paradoxes in all of The Bible. Three distinct aspects of Him are referenced throughout scripture. They are clearly aspects of one entity, yet are so unique unto themselves, we are better able to visualize three persons rather than one. But God who said, “Let Us make man in Our image,” is one inexplicably diverse being. The eternal and internal interaction that is taking place within the person of God reflects everything Jesus taught about community. Deference, servitude, respect, and love exist as Father, Son, and Spirit commune within themselves. That communion gives insight…