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New Book | The Fourth Chair

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday and an early Happy Father’s Day! I pray you are able to connect with your peeps and celebrate your dad and all those who have been father figures to you.

I’m very happy to announce that August 2nd is the release date for The Fourth Chair, Uncovering Your Invitation to Come Home. This is a book I am VERY eager share with you. It takes a good long look at what is means to enter into the company of our Triune God and live life from that place of intimate community.

The book breaks down into three broad headings: The Invitation, Exposure to God, and Coming Home. I use them to open up what I pray will be a compelling conversation about occupying our place in God’s presence. The metaphor the book builds upon is that of four chairs, three for each of the persons of the Trinity and one specifically for you. It is a metaphor the Lord has been using to teach me for many years now. The results of that have been literally life-changing, deeply enhancing my relationship with Him as I practice remaining in the fourth chair. I believe the same will happen for you. I believe God will expand your awareness of His nearness, Father, Son and Spirit. And I’m certain you will be able to more fully appreciate and enjoy the staggering gift of His invitation to you to take your place in His company.

The Fourth Chair is ready to pre-order now. The publisher, Core Media, has created a website just for this book and that’s where you will go to buy your copy: https://www.thefourthchairbook.com/. Discounts are available for bulk orders, which will be great for your small group, church, or family. The initial printing for the book is limited, so I’m eager for you to get your copy/copies pre-ordered as soon as possible!

If you have any questions for me about the book, please respond to this post and I’ll gladly get back to you. Thank you for your faithful support through the years and in this new endevour!

Every Blessing,

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