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Dear Readers,
I pray each of you are enjoying the summer months. Yesterday I was thinking there is something special about the feel of summer vacation even when I’m still busy working. I hope you experience something similar!

At the moment, I’m recording the audio book for The Fourth Chair | Uncovering Your Invitation to Come Home. I’ve taken over my mother’s walk-in closet and turned it into a temporary recording booth (not kidding). Her hanging clothes, blankets and foam sound absorbers (I added those) make it feel like a pretty epic kids fort. It’s a hoot being in there!

This is my maiden voyage into the waters of audio books. I’m loving the process and find my passion for the content of the book reignited. God has taught me so much through the metaphor of the four chairs. I am praying many times a day, that God will send this book to the people He means to read it (I’m hoping that means YOU). I believe so strongly that He will transform lives just as He did mine.

The launch date for the physical book is August 2nd and pre-ordering is available now. My publisher, Core Media Group, if offering great deals for bulk ordering in case you want to take this to your church, small group, or give copies to co-workers, friends or family. The audio and e-book will come on line a few weeks after the physical book. A study guide will follow a few months after the launch.

There is so much turmoil in our world. I am betting you are like me, fighting invitations to become discouraged as the tensions in our society and the complexities of life continue to escalate. Honestly, we desperately need to make our way into the life-giving presence of God and come under His steadying influence. He’s offering it to each of us.

The Fourth Chair is the story of God walking me all the way through my hesitations, willfulness, hurts and questions, so that I could finally take my place at His side and start to truly thrive. The craziness around me is still there, but He is there too, and that changes everything. I truly hope you will take this journey with me!

Home in His Presence,

Incline your ear, and come to me;

hear, that your soul may live.

Isaiah 55:3


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