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Face to Face

What words would you, as a Christ Follower, use to describe how you relate WITH God? Distant – Intimate – Contentious – Familial – Fractured – Friendly – Cool – Seasoned…

I ask because too many of us seem to be starving from a lack of meaningful relationship with God. I would wonder how on earth that’s possible for children of God except I’ve lived my share of years unable to bridge the invisible chasm I FELT between myself and my Maker. The thing is, without doubt the LORD is offering His sons and daughters a highly personal connection with Himself, even friendship. That’s where the lifeblood flows from, so it’s a monumental deal if the connection is lousy.

From Eden forward, God has been inviting us to take our place in the center of His company. In this “fellowship” we learn that we are not simply relating to another human, but to the Living God – one human intimately connected to the One True God. It’s NOT going to be like any other relationship we have, yet it promises to satisfy as no human relationship can. Any discrepancy that exists between God and I can only EVER be on my end. But that ends up being very good news.

So, what to do about this lack of fellowship? There’s no getting around it: We must be willing to figuratively RUN in God’s direction, with our Bibles open (that part isn’t figurative). And we must be willing to take our place in His company and practice patience as He teaches us. He will show us who He is and who we are. He will take the lead in cultivating meaningful fellowship between Himself and us. Our job is to remain and submit, (I’m pretty sure that’s why this process takes a lifetime!). But there is NO OTHER path to fulfillment and purposefulness. None.

When we actually begin to experience God through the portal of His Word, we begin to waken to the reason we exist. There is no greater joy than communing with and making MUCH of the One we have tethered our hearts to. He is the ultimate Companion. And it might just be that after a time God would describe our relationship with Him the way He described another from ages past…

“The LORD used to speak to Moses,
face to face,
the way a man speaks to His friend.”
Exodus 33:11

Today would be a perfect day to open the Word of God, and enter the narrative God has been writing with humankind from the beginning. Open it with the objective of finding Him rather than as a utilitarian exercise. If you don’t know where to begin, start on page one. God might very well meet you and reveal Himself to you in a way you NEVER thought possible. It happened to me!
I’m sincerely praying for you ~


  • Lorna West

    Great word as always. This past weekend I went to my dad’s wedding reception in AZ. It was lovely. What was not lovely was being stuck in a car with 2 family members who do not know the Lord. Between the blasting music, very fast driving and actual drinking and driving in the car I was distraught and my spirit was so unsettled. Once I got in my car to travel back to my house from Orange County I had silence and worship for my Lord! I was like “God I missed you”! His Spirit is so comforting to a soul that needs to be filled. He is our Father who wants us to sit at His feet and commune with Him! I am so grateful that the creator of the universe actually loves little me!

  • Linda McCrary-Fisher

    Anne, this is undeniably remarkable, so much so, that after
    reading it tonight, it brought me great peace – and I will read it
    again and again, as well as opening my Word more often.
    I am singing at a funereal tomorrow for a family member
    21 years old. He took his life 2 weeks ago. I thought to myself
    if only Jalen could have read these words. All that you wrote here
    is so powerful and timely…
    Thank you my dear sister,
    Linda 🙏🏾♥️

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