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Driven to Readiness


Rise up,
you women
who are at ease….

Why am I driven, at this particular stage of my life, to understand aspects of behavior and how that plays out in an average day, (Launch Points, Respond or React)? I feel certain that I live very near the end of this present age, an age that will culminate with Jesus return to earth and eternal reign. Having said that, you could make an argument to dig a trench, jump in, and wait it out. But I know that as the age of grace draws to a close, so do the opportunities that are unique to it.

I believe life is about
love of God &
love of people…

…both of which are transcendent, so that how I respond to God and people has both immediate and forthcoming implications. And that’s the core of this pursuit for me. I have today, and as far as I know for certain, ONLY today. That creates within me a paradox of urgency and relief; relief that I don’t have to solve tomorrow. Urgency because when today is over, it’s over. I won’t be able to get it back….to do it over. Whatever unique moments presented today, they were for today and they will never again present as they just did.

It reminds me of a scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies, when Indi was facing off with a guy wielding a very nasty looking sword. Intimidating, except that this was a gun-fight, and Indi had the gun. Indi fires one round, the other guy’s life forfeited for lack of preparedness. Woops.

The pursuit of doing all we can to sensitize ourselves to people & to the environment within our respective spheres, is an increasingly vital pursuit. We live in the last days, and most days we are engaged in war. The pursuit of being present, ready and equipped is the difference between whether or not we show up to the gun-fight with a gun or a sword.

Rise up,
you women who are at ease,

Hear my voice;

You complacent daughters,

Give ear to my speech.
In a year and some days 

You will be troubled,
you complacent women;

For the vintage will fail,

The gathering will not come.
you women who are at ease;

Be troubled,
you complacent ones;

Strip yourselves,
make yourselves bare,

And gird sackcloth on your waists.
~Isaiah 32:9–11~


  • LuAnn Malcolm


    Thank you for inviting me join your blog and share in your reflections and challenge to live as women who chose to live heaven bound rather than earth entrenched. Your writings are thought provoking and insightful. Being sick all week has provided the opportunity to slow down and reflect on who I want to be in Christ vs. who I often am, the whole launch thing, and reacting vs. responding in myself and those around me. Although I am a head launcher I also often times react in the moment rather than respond. Ultimately choosing to be intentional in my responses, to be prepared to respond, to carry the gun into battle requires me to be utterly dependent on Him. Time spent with Him brings a continual awareness of his presence that interacts with the moments of life. Praise God that along with the call on our lives He provides the means to answser it.

  • Jackie Rettberg

    Hi my friend, Am so sorry you will not be ministering aat Calvary in Feb. but know the Lord has something else in mind for you. I will personally miss you!!!!!!!!!! It is funny that I received your message today because I did something to my back and so have had to cancel all the things with people for the next few weeks. It is a great opportunity though as I find that when I go to be with Him He takes away any complaceny that might be lingering and directs me to where He is headed next. So these next few weeks will be a little more quiet than usual and I trust the Lord will give me himself and then courage for what is coming next. Thanks my friend for your thoughts. I always love them and they always make me think! Happy New Year!and love always, Jackie

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