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We are increasingly accessible to one another as technology affords us more  ways to be “found”. This is a repeating phenomenon as the world gets smaller and smaller, one that generations through the ages have pondered remembering simpler times. I imagine that pondering stems from a longing & concern that we’ve lost a quality of existence for the supposed “advancement”. I buck most of the latest conveniences that would make me more accessible mainly because I have not found a way to ensure that I will manage them rather than the other way around. For the most part the people entrusted to me know where I am and how to find me if they need me.

I’m learning there’s an unspoken expectation that creeps in when a new form of communication becomes mainstream that says, if you participate, you are obliged to be findable, and sooner rather than later.

It takes a strong, deliberate person to look at technology and decide how to use it to improve your quality of life rather than becoming a slave to it. There will be scads of folks vying for your time and energy as you become more findable, and they may be unashamedly aggressive about it. But to achieve this balance, you have to be certain what comprises your primary sphere of people and obligations. When you are clear about that, you can look at technology and fairly easily see whether or not it will raise your ability to invest well into that sphere.

…Martha was
with much serving…
~Luke 10:40~

None of us is naive to think that more is better, or bigger is better. Sometimes though, we can slip into a pattern where good usurps best. There are many good things that can keep us from the best that awaits our attention, that end up distracting us from where we’re meant to invest. This was Martha’s misstep. When you are distracted, even the smallest amount, you are off task. A miss is a miss whether by a hair or a mile.

I am comforted to know that God is unchanging as are the expectations He has of me. I am still one person, living one life, one day at a time. What & who is in my life’s sphere? How can I best practice stewardship regarding the people and things God has entrusted to me? As technology aids that process, I am actually eager to embrace it. But I remain cautious to the whispers that would have me enslaved to it, or subtly draw me away from what is primary.

…one thing is needed,
& Mary has chosen
that good part,
which will not be
taken away from her.
~Luke 10:41~


  • LuAnn Malcolm

    Thanks Anne for putting clear expression to my muddled thoughts about social media and for reminding me that I am not alone in my thoughts. I so agree that the little free time in our days where we actually get to choose what to do is precious and should be about so much more than a matter of “is this an okay activity for me as a Christian”, but rather “is this how you Lord would have me use my time.” I am certainly not judging others as I have my own struggles when it comes to free time. I just know that for me, once I succumb it will become a battle that I would rather not engage in.

    Love you,

  • Belinda

    Yes. There are different unspoken rules in this new technological accessibility. Not everyone is playing by the same ones. Seems like
    another picture of the way we relate in any medium….unspoken rules, assuming others are or should be playing by them. Being angry/put out when they don’t.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas A.

    I love you and I know how to find you.

  • Jackie Rettberg

    Hi, I am so glad that now I know that I am a strong, deliberate person since I don’t want to be found unless I want to be !!!!! I thought I was just lazy because I didn’t want to tackle face book, link aid, etc or just unable to tackle the technical challenge. Now I can say to myself that I am just a strong deliberate person. Like it so much more! You are one of the few that I like being found by!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and hugs, Jackie

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