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In the beginning
God created…..
~ Genesis 1:1 ~

I’ve been reading the creation story again. I believe God is very purposeful in the telling of His story. I believe He cares about the order of events, and the how’s and why’s that are revealed to us. I believe He gives us the macro version most of the time not minding that we muse and ponder over the details….as long as we don’t ink in our thoughts, claiming co-author rights.

So, I am curious that the first way He reveals Himself to us is as Creator. He could have said anything at all. He could have started the story by listing some of the ‘top ten’, really setting Himself apart from the first chapter. Omnipresent, Omniscient, Holy, Transcendent, Eternal….. a sampling of an eternal list of characteristics no one else can claim. And of course, no one can claim him or herself a true creator either.

To create, we must have vision & inspiration, resources, abilities and opportunity. We have at our disposal, what already exists. Solomon assures us there is nothing new under the sun, which leaves us to understand that when humans create, they are reconstituting in some fashion.

In immeasurable contrast, God, starting with absolutely nothing, conceived and created all that is. The whole of this act originated from within Himself. A hundred lifetimes would not afford you time enough to ponder the greatness of Creator God.

This time as I meditate on Genesis chapter one, the thing that pops off the page is this: God can make something out of nothing. Seem ridiculously obvious? Not to me, at least not at this moment in my life. There are many, many circumstances I am aware of today, terrible circumstances that are irreconcilable in the finite. They cannot be healed, restored, righted…not by human hands. So I find great comfort and hope, that God, passionate about His creation, once said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

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