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100lb. Rocks

100lb Rock

“Let not the Lord
be angry, and I will speak
but once more.”
~Genesis 18:32~

I can look back over a few decades now and remember vividly times when God placed upon me a burden for someone or something. Best I can describe it, it would sit within me dense and very heavy, seeping into my emotional being, hitting a core place in my spirit, like someone sat a 100 lb. rock in my lap.

This is a terribly uncomfortable phenomenon, debilitating in the flesh. I muse that God makes the rock feel 100 lbs. so I’m instantly aware I can’t maneuver it apart from Him. When this happens, I know foremost, I am being asked to intercede. It’s very interesting to pray for a situation or person, feeling as though you are in the middle of it emotionally, when really you are not. That’s the weight part….. just like the sick feeling you get in your gut when you really are in a mess.

I remember coming to the Lord at the onset of one of these occasions. I was keenly aware that I had no idea what to talk to Him about concerning the matter. I was just as aware that it was not important that I know. I conceded God knew all about it, that if He called me to pray, He would lead me in those prayers. So, I did the only thing that made sense to me to do. I sat quietly, with this person in my mind, and I put them at the foot of the throne of grace. Most often I got direction as to how to pray, sometimes I didn’t. It didn’t really matter. There was merit in the act of presenting them to the Father in the throne room. The particulars were not my business. I was called to intercede.

The Spirit of God Himself makes intercession, when we don’t know what we should pray for (Romans 8:26), so it shouldn’t seem strange, the act of simply presenting someone to the Father. Jesus is there too, at the throne of grace, praying perfect prayers according to the will of the Father (Romans 8:27).

If you are like me, you know many, many people with very serious life issues looming. I’m continuing to learn about offering a sacrifice of prayer, allowing God to lead as I pray, prompted by Him, following His lead. That means being willing to linger in His presence on their behalf. My flesh will almost always want to speak before it is time and I have to consciously determine not to be in a hurry. There is a delicate balance between boldness in speech as you beseech God, and silence when you don’t know what you ought to pray.

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  • bonnie patnode

    it is wonderful how God uses people like you in so many different ways only a true servant of His could accomplish this

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