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Up And Running Again!

Hello My Precious, Faithful Readers –

I am writing to say “hello“, and acknowledge that I have been essentially off the grid for more than eighteen months. I have been using my “writing time” to complete a large project that I hope to share with you shortly. If I were more of a grownup, I would not have needed to pause my blogging so that I could apply myself to a new endeavor. Alas, I hope to be more versatile in the future!

In the meantime, I hope you will receive my future posts in the same gracious manner you always have, and engage in the potential dialogue!

I’m VERY happy to be back, opening up discussions with you that might spur all of us on to a more satisfying experience of life with God and people! I have most sincerely missed you!

Talk Very Soon – Anne

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  • Betty



  • Wendy


    I can’t wait to hear from you again, Anne! I’ve missed your blogging but totally understand!

  • Gail


    Looking forward to your blog sister!!!!!

  • Raeeanne


    Can’t wait!!

  • Stacy


    We are so happy to have you back! Excited to read more!

    • Jackie


      I happen to think you are very grownup but then I ‘m not that grown up my self do who knows😊😊😊😊but mostly glad you are back cause love to hear what you are thinking about any time, love, jackie

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