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The Frog In the Pot

Have you heard the story of the frog in the pot? A frog sits comfortably in a pot of temperate water that unbeknownst to him is in the process of boiling. The frog wakens to his desperate condition only after the water comes to a boil, when it’s too late to escape.


See to it that no one
takes you captive
by philosophy and empty deceit,
according to human tradition,
according to the elemental spirits 
of the world,
and not according to Christ.
~ Colossians 2:8 ~

My adversary is a great deceiver, doing his best to ensure I live life fueled by my old-nature. I believe my objective as a child of God is to bring something of heaven to earth (loving God and loving people like Jesus loves). That’s not possible unless I’m living from my new-nature. I can remember moments in my life when I “awakened” only to find that I had “slept” through warnings and cautions and pleas, that if heeded, would have undoubtedly kept me (and others) from harm. Hindsight is a great teacher. But only a determined student will truly and aggressively see that those lessons pay forward.

From the beginning of humanity’s occupation of the earth, we can see our tendency to be pre-occupied with the details of the immediate, losing sight of the context surrounding it. God calls us to be present in the moment we find ourselves in, and to engage in it with the grand scheme in mind. That’s the balance I can lose sight of if I’m not careful… consumed by the moment, blind to the eternal.

This thought is an extension of the last post about invitations, and it comes as I hear and process information about the reality of some very big, looming, potentially world-changing phenomenon.

The invitations my enemy offers will always be “now” and “me” focused. They are designed to keep me PRE-occupied. These days and with that in mind, I ask myself questions like this:

Anne, how do you want to be found when family crisis hits and you get that first phone call?
How do you want to be found when Ebola first shows up in your city?
How do you want to be found the first time you are directly exposed to an act of terrorism?
How do you want to be found should Jesus return today?
What do you want to be found doing?
What do you want to be occupied with?

The bottom line is this: When it really matters… when life presents it’s biggest, game-changing moments, will I be occupied, able to take in what has presented, or will I be preoccupied so that the “window” opens and closes before I notice?

I can tell you with certainty, I DO NOT want to be pre-occupied with my egocentric agenda/pursuits/grumblings. Rather I want to be found occupied… occupied with whatever or whomever Jesus has led me to, contributing to the immediacy of the moment in light of the inevitability of what is to come.

Therefore stay awake—
for you do not know
when the master of the house will come,
in the evening,
or at midnight,
or when the rooster crows,
or in the morning—

lest he come suddenly
and find you asleep.
And what I say to you
I say to all: Stay awake.”
~ Mark 13:35-37 ~


  • Shirley

    I so look forward to reading what God has put on your heart. I loved that analogy. For the last few weeks I have been meditating on the scripture in 1 Peter 1, 15-16. But, like the Holy one who called you, be holy yourselves in all your behavior, because it is written, “be holy as I am holy”.

    Even as believers, we get caught up in worldly practices. I have had to confront and change some things in my life recently. Oh the joy that comes from jumping out of that pot of tepid water. Only then can God open His hand to give us a way that is so beautifully beyond anything the world has to offer. I am so grateful that He who has begun a good work in me will complete it.
    I know that each moment presents us with an opportunity to choose life or death, truth or lies, peace or strife, freedom or bondage, love or hate. How glorious, how lovingly does He show us our path and give us the will to make the choice for life in each moment. He is truly preparing us for eternity here in the present. Thank you Father for keeping our lamps filled with the oil of your wonderful truth. Thank you Anne for sharing your heart with us. Thank you Father for Anne!

    • Anne Barbour

      To be able to make adjustments on the front side of a thing…. before it gets to a boiling point, is such a tremendous gift. God is always inviting us away from the edge of danger. ALWAYS. To heed that call is a sign of true submission. Thank you for sharing this! What an encouragement, even while there is likely pain mixed with the joy of obedience.

  • Kathie Solem

    Oh Lors Jesus – asking to have eyes on you at all times. Keep my mind from wandering and being distracted by the daily grind.

    Anne, this blog is so Beautiful – only thing better would be to hear it from your mouth.

    Love you and thankful to the Lord for the gifts He has given you and that you are willing to share your gifts with others. Such a powerful ministry you have.

    I pray that you will have a wide reaching ministry Anne. You have great insight, wisdom and such humility. I love you so much. XO

  • Nancy

    Live with eternity’s values in view! Life is so short — we have such a limited amount of time. Why waste it consumed with things that do not matter? I have to remind myself over and over in order to stay on track. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will it make a difference for eternity? Our focus can so easily be directed to other things. I want to stay alert and be about the Father’s business until He comes.

    Good word, Anne.

  • jackie

    It is always so good to read your words my friend! I too want to be found pleasing Jesus! I know that the power of the Holy Spirit is so great that when and if the crisis comes He will be powerful to make it possible for me to withstand it even though, as I look ahead I can’t imagine how I would handle tragedy!!!!!! Any tragedy!!!!!!! He is powerful and as I come closer to the end of my life, my hope is to still gain in knowledge of Him….. There is so much more to experience with Him! Love, Jackie

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