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Regaining Objectivity


Folly is joy to him
who is destitute of discernment,
But a man of understanding
walks uprightly.
~Proverbs 15:21~

Loss of awareness follows the loss of objectivity. Both are dangerous. Both keep you from being present and capable in your life story. The one who’s lost her objectivity and subsequently, her awareness, can no longer bring her full faculties to bear. She becomes relatively ineffective in her own story, and in extreme cases, ‘out of the game’ of her own life.

God cares deeply about having his children present and able to ‘be’ in the moments of their lives. He is about reestablishing awareness where it’s been lost and restoring objectivity as much as it is possible.

I have never known a more vivid demonstration of this than I read in 2 Samuel, chapter 12. The prophet Nathan tells king David a story of grave injustice and David is incensed by it. Of course we know the story was meant to expose David’s secret sins. God delivered a bolt of electricity to the core of the king, leaving David fully present, fully aware, fully in touch with reality. In that striking bolt, David is oriented once more. He has regained his objectivity.

It’s a terrifying story. How do I keep on the front side of potential snares, so that God does not have to send me a prophet?!

If you could stand over your house, peel back the roof and observe what happens there in the lives of all who occupy that place, how would you give language to what you see? If you could project your own story onto someone you care deeply about; someone you would fight for; if your story were happening to them, how would you advise them? In other words, if you could sit across from yourself as councilor, what would your counsel be?

Counselor God invites His children into His presence. It is a place of safety and acceptance. It is a place where truth reigns and light exposes all. But it does expose all! God is very careful with us. He does not enlighten us to things and leave us without guidance & resources. He is determined to give us every chance to live freely, to be present & able to grasp the fullness of being alive in Him. The loss of objectivity is something He will always want to remedy.

Let us therefore come boldly
to the throne of grace,
that we may obtain mercy
& find grace to help
in time of need.
~Hebrews 4:16~


  • Jackie Rettberg

    Hi friend, I so loved your posting. I have been in Hebrews for some weeks and coming boldly to the throne of grace has been on my mind and heart. i have been praying it for a member of my family because i know that there is healing there, so I loved your take on it regarding objectivity and being in the present I loved the way you put it all together but then I just love you anyway!!!!!!!!! Jackie

  • De

    The great thing about objectivity is that the only One who is truly objective is God. We, as finite beings, living in a finite moment by moment basis and unable to cleary see the path ahead, MUST look to the One with complete objectivity. Our flesh, mind, and hearts deceive us and often cloud the circumstances. It is there, in Him where we find our peace, hope, strength, our objectivity and can trust in His good perfect will and plan for our moments.

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