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~ Neutrality ~
the state of NOT helping or NOT supporting
either of two opposing sides.”

Generally speaking, I don’t believe in the premise of neutrality. I understand that in wartime, a nation may remain neutral, taking neither side. Neutral parties are essential in mediating conflict too. But I’m speaking of an inner-neutrality; a place that might exist where I can coast through my life.

Within my inner person, there was a plain I used to pitch my life’s tent, believing I could exist moving neither forward nor backward. I lived with that perception for many, many years. I believed I could choose to stop growing if I liked, and simply stay put. As far as I could see, I was in very good company, because as I looked about, there were tents pitched by “Christians” everywhere upon this plain. I reasoned (with very little contradiction from anyone around me), “I have my heaven ticket in my pocket and I’ll traverse the fields of “spiritual development” as I have time, energy and desire.” In the in between times, I felt certain I was at least assured my place in the Kingdom.

But I learned quickly enough that no such reality exists. I became very aware that my existence as a follower of Jesus was something alive; that I am alive…alive in Christ. I am either connected, drawing from a life-giving source (Jesus), receiving nourishment so that I might develop, or I am disconnected, and in a state of decay. No neutral ground. No coasting. No status quo. It’s growth or atrophy; moving forward or sliding backward. There is no fence to ride in the Christian life. We have fabricated one in our minds, but it is an illusion.

Luke 13:6-9
John 15:4-11
I Peter 1:6-9
James 1:2-12
Revelation 3: 14-17


  • Wendy Kappen

    Dear Anne,
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being on retreat with you in Carlsbad at the beach house. What a sweet, intimate time it was with the ladies from Conejo Church. Truly the best retreat I have ever been on. I didn’t want the worship to end and your messages were challenging. I want to stay in that conversation with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and remain in that 4th chair the rest of my days! i left on a 3 wk cross country trip with my husband right after the retreat and it’s a challenge to get back there when I’m out of my routine..we’ve had some neat times praying as we’re driving and that’s been great. I would love to be on your email list! Wendy

    • Anne Barbour

      Retreat was just wonderful. Also my favorite for many reasons. I would love to have you along to get subsequent posts! Enjoy your journey and I pray you find God in your “out of the routine” space. I have an idea He waits to meet you beyond the “normal” points of connect. Peace and Joy – Anne

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