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Cease-Fire & Pray

What does the need to pray earnestly, and the growing disunity among followers of Jesus have in common? For me, these two things have merged in an unusual way. The visual I have is of two Christians holding opposite views about a volatile current event, kneeling side by side, and beseeching God for His will to be accomplished on the matter. No hedged prayer hoping God will enlighten the other person as if that is what’s necessary to accomplish His divine will— just two Christ-ones with everything essential in common, asking God to come and do what He deems right to do.

So, I’m asking myself who I know personally, who clearly holds an opposing view to the one I hold about any of the following issues, (not an exclusive list):

  • about politics and the coming election
  • about the State and Federal mandates regarding COVID
  • about mask-wearing
  • about Church indoors or outdoors
  • about the State and Federal response
    to riots and protests
  • about the subject of racism
  • about the way the police engage
    with our black community

I have Christian brothers and sisters who think differently than I do about most of the list above. I’m guessing you do too. What I intend to do is to invite a person on the other side of a current-event-fence and ask if they would meet with me, in the spirit of unity, and cry out to our God— together— side by side— foregoing our limited lenses and linking arms before the only wise God. One single item would make up our agenda: YOUR WILL BE DONE. The grounds rules— to acknowledge our differing views but not to jump into a discussion about them AT ALL.

I’ll keep you posted about how this goes. And if you want to jump in the pool too, please let me know how God meets you and your partner in prayer. Here’s to resisting the plethora of invitations to Christians to hate one other. Here’s to purposing NOT to allow our opinions to pit us against one another. Here’s to resisting the devil and NOT embracing his horrible, insidious attempts to divide us.

Perhaps in doing this, we might learn again the art of lovingly addressing our differences without losing the bonds of fellowship. Let’s cease-fire and pray!

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord,
urge you to walk in a manner worthy
of the calling to which you have been called, 
with all humility and gentleness, with patience,
bearing with one another in love, 
eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit
in the bond of peace.

Ephesians 4:1-3


  • Mari-Lynn Finley

    Dear Anne,
    What beautiful words and godly advice!

    Happy are those who strive for peace—they shall be called the sons of God. Matt. 5:9

    Thank you!
    Mari-Lynn Finley

  • Betty

    Dear Anne,
    Powerful message!! Yet not an easy request to put into actions.
    I completely agree this is what God wants especially of the American Christian church.
    I must seek humility. LOVE unconditionally!!! Interesting that my “rock word” is AGAPE. This is a high calling but I can’t say I love God and not love ALL my brothers and sisters in Christ.
    It definitely a challenge when you have dealt with racial discrimination and oppression. Still I must pray for healing in our church, the body of Christ.
    ❤️ U

  • Len

    Anne, thank you for your heavenly wisdom. This is a great reminder that we’re being baited by Satan in attempts to not only divide us, but to take away our focus on Him! I have a bit of a mental picture of the deceiver just shuttering when he sees people coming together working out our differences and praying in unity… which is the best possible solution to healing our nation!

    Blessings to you and John!

  • Jamie Collins

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! This call is exactly right, Anne! I don’t think our real enemy cares which “side” wins the issue debates or even the election. If he can divide us and lead us into temptation with judgementalism, self-righteousness, and hatred, he’s done what he wanted. He’s using the same tactics on both “sides.” As Christians hanging our hopes on political solutions, we can win the political battle and lose the spiritual war.

    I’m going to make some calls! Armor on! Link shields!

    Thank you! Love you!

  • Lisa Smith

    Powerful idea, Anne. I look forward to hearing how these prayer sessions go. Thank you for committing yourself to unity and love within the body of Christ and for encouraging us to do the same!

  • Anonymous

    My eyes burst with spontaneous, hot tears when Franklin Graham prayed these words to God last night:

    “We need Your help.
    We need to hear Your voice at this crucial hour.
    We ask that You unite our hearts…”

    Praying with you and for you, Anne, my dear friend and sister.

    mb <

  • Susie Williams

    Love your heart. I get it. Most of me wants to say “Good luck with that one” because I have seen it tried. Mostly when I’ve done it I find myself listening. Not sure it goes anywhere. For me I find it’s only Love that works, politics not mentioned at all. Happening in my own familia.
    But if anyone can meet in the middle it’s you ❤️. Please keep in touch. Love to you guys. Susie

  • Maria

    I wish I had a partner that prayed with me about anything. It’s really hard…after 3 years together, and he’s such a great guy, I just really desire that Godly leadership from my partner. Thankfully I am lead by God in my life and daily prayers XO

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