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The Supreme Perversion of Justice – March 23, ’20

(A slow read through the passages below is essential to grasp the whole recorded picture of what took place as Jesus was unjustly and brutally tried and convicted. There are links for your convenience.)

Meditation for the Soul ~

Now the chief priests and the whole council
were seeking false testimony against Jesus
that they might put Him to death,
but they found none,
though many false witnesses came forward.
Matthew 26:59-60
(See also: Matthew 26:57 thru 27:26;
Mark 14:53 thru 15:15;
Luke 22:54 thru 23:25; John 18:12 thru 19:16)

Reflection for the Mind ~

In two-days we will focus on the words of Jesus to the various authority figures He stood before. In the meantime let’s get reacquainted with the narrative found in the four passages at the top of this post. I encourage you not to skip any of them, otherwise you will miss some critical pieces of what’s recorded for us.

There is so much activity surrounding the hours Jesus was moved from place to place until He was finally sentenced to death. Six trials took place over the course of eight or nine hours. Three Jewish religious trials rendered three guilty verdicts including a death sentence. A trial with Pilate, then Herod, then Pilate again all found Jesus innocent of any wrongdoing.

A read through each of the gospel narratives will have anyone with a justice-meter dumbfounded by the absence of anything resembling justice. There was not a single aspect of the content of those hours that was in alignment with the Jewish judicial system God established, (Deuteronomy 16:18-20). It stands as the supreme perversion of justice in history.

The friends of Jesus were silent in Jesus’ defense if not absent altogether. The Jewish leaders were clearly ready to do anything at all to see Jesus put to death. The Roman authorities were the least offensive, even though Pilate finally cowered to the riotous crowd and gave Jesus up to be executed. Jesus, and Jesus alone was the single ray of light in that whole mad scene.

Response for the Heart ~

Lord, as I open these passages in Your presence, I ask You to allow the narrative to seep into my heart. This is a huge, terrible sequence of events. You endured so much, pressing forward toward the cross. I praise You, Jesus, for the immeasurable sacrifice You made. You made it willingly, and all for the joy set before You, (Hebrews 12:2).
Thank You! ~ Amen

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