The Gift of His Presence

A Conference by Anne Barbour

“Blessed are the people
who know the joyful sound!

They walk, Oh Lord,
in the light of Your presence.”
~Psalm 89:15~

This 4-session, inner-active retreat is designed to provide biblical insight into how we might cultivate and maintain intimacy with Jesus. It blends prayer, music, worship, scripture reading and teaching. It emphasizes being in Jesus’ presence as well as looking intently into what it means to be in a healthy relationship with “the Lover of My Soul.” There is time to learn, to listen, to be quiet, and to respond to the prompting of His Spirit.


Session 1: “The Ministering Word” – Worship Concert

Session 2: “Two Invitations” – Teaching session

Session 3: “Love Bears All Things– Prayer Meeting

Session 4: “Abiding by Design” – Teaching session


Well into my life as a believer I came to terms with my own deep sense of discontentment and disillusionment. While I was becoming increasingly equipped in “spiritual things” I really did not have a relationship with God. I knew about Him. I worked for Him. I talked about Him… But I knew painfully little about who He really is, who I am because I belong to Him, and what He thinks about me as His daughter. It was if I had visited His house a thousand times, enjoyed discovering what I found there, but I never met with Him personally. So I began, for the first time in nearly 30 years as a “believer”, to pursue Him! As I began pursuing true relationship, reciprocal and active, I found God…. and I found myself experiencing contentment I had not previously known. God is bigger than He’s ever been, more purposeful, more obvious. Of course, He’s NOT bigger, more purposeful, more obvious, but my vantage point is radically changed. I see and experience Him when once I could not. I love talking to believers and non-believers. The message is the same. We need Him. We need to know Him. We need to pursue Him. We need to trust Him with the whole lot of our lives. Contentment & fulfillment are found nowhere else. It’s really that simple….     simply because we were created to know and experience Him.

–Anne Barbour

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