The Gift of His Power

A Conference by Anne Barbour

“My grace is sufficient for you,
for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”
~2 Corinthians 12:9~

This 4-session retreat is intentionally formatted to put the seeker in touch with the condition of their day-to-day walk with God, “What do I think journeying with God should look like? What does God have to say about that? What does my journey with Him actually look like.” The teaching sessions focus on what the Bible tells us is necessary for living a cooperative, vibrant, 24-7 existence with God. There is ample time built into the structure of the weekend for time alone with God, for personal reflection, communion, and fellowship.


Session 1: “Decompression” – Directed Scripture Reading, Worship & Prayer

Session 2: “Expectations” – Teaching Session

Session 3: “Control Shifts” – Teaching Session

Session 4: “The Transcendent View” – Teaching Session


I can’t think of a more encouraging truth than what I read in 2 Corinthians 12:9. My life is consistently active, full of change, and on a learning curve that rarely comes close to straightening. The demands of my life are consistently challenging. I needed to know if it was possible to face such vastly diverse challenges head-on; and not just meet the demands, but meet them abundantly, purposefully, confidently. I believe this kind of life exists. I believe it depends completely on my willingness to abdicate control of the details of my life to God and focus on remaining in close proximity to Him. I believe it depends completely on my willingness to see every nuance of life as a chance to not just find God, but see how He might desire to be released in that moment so that He might do His perfect will. This cooperative life is the life of power. It is the life of victory and purposefulness. It is the life where my submission and humility make space for the magnificence of God to be seen. This is the life that time and again gives glory to God as people witness me functioning in my weakness and God, in His perfect strength.

I have seen these truths radically change the way I function in my own life. I have seen the same in those I have taken through these principles. The Gift of His Power is an opportunity to journey toward a more cooperative, powerful life in Christ. Using God’s Word, we will find answers in a number of different ways: through quiet time, personal devotions, worship, teaching, group discussion, panel discussions, and communion.

I want you to flourish in your experience with your Creator…to experience a balance of rest and activity… to embrace the landscape of your life because God is with you in it and because you know His presence makes all the difference in the world!

– Anne Barbour

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