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Lent is About Jesus – February 24, ’20

Dear Readers,

As I embark upon the adventure of writing a Lent devotional, I come to it without having much of a history of practicing Lent. My Plymouth Brethren elders (the leaders of the church community of my youth) did not integrate that into our church life though I have strong roots in the weekly taking of Communion with a great emphasis put upon Easter as the pinnacle of celebration for followers of Jesus. So a Lent tradition is more than attractive as a way of intentionally making much of the impending remembrance of the crucifixion, and celebration of the resurrection of our Savior.

Whatever the nuances to one’s practice of Lent, Lent is about Jesus. As I explored traditions and the history of Lent, I was confronted with the temptation to construct a template for this devotional that would emphasize the Christ Follower rather than it being foremost about Jesus and about His life, death, and resurrection. I’m merely confessing a tendency to gravitate toward those aspects of a new tradition that benefit me. So I recognized that at the end of forty-days, I could end up having done an awful lot of thinking about myself; about what I “gave up” by way of fasting; about the way I brought “honor” to God by being sacrificial, et cetera. The Spirit has been kind to remind me that embracing a Lent tradition would be about Jesus, and Jesus alone.

I am aware that a good part of Lent is to ready oneself for Easter so that we are wholly prepared to ascribe glory to God with every fiber of our being. But I have been assured by the Spirit that as I keep my focus upon Him and my thoughts upon Jesus, all the work of purification within my own soul will come to pass. I am free to occupy myself with Jesus alone. I trust the Holy Spirit with my soul and the readying of it.

I pray these devotionals will lead each of us into the presence of the Risen Savior. I pray that by His Spirit we might experience Him in a fresh, compelling way that would result in an eagerness to express our gratitude to, and our love and adoration for the One who sacrificed His life so that we might know Him.

With Great Expectation,


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  • Betty Sullivan


    My growing up years regarding lent was all about what I could sacrifice. It really was about my work. My effort to demonstrate how “good” I was as at giving up stuff... ice cream , chocolate.. Really hard stuff. 😂 Only Jesus sacrificed everything for me just because God loved me!! AMAZING GRACE!! Thanks sis for keeping me focused on Jesus in adoration and devotion.

    • Anne Barbour


      Thanks, Betty - it's difficult to see our temporary inconvenience as a hardship when we're focused on all Jesus endured on our behalf! Thanks so much for your input!!

  • Todd wade


    Thank you Anne for this thoughtful series to help us all focus through the human traditions to experience Him.

  • Luann Budd


    I'm looking forward to reflecting along with you on the wonder of JESUS. There are always new insights to be gleaned as He takes us deeper in our understanding.



    So appreciate and look forward to this season and devotion. Sometimes I need a nudge to pull away from things of the world and give Him the adoration that belongs to Him. I think what you are doing will help me do that. Thank you!

  • 7

    I am excited to see all that the Lord will do in this season as we focus on all He has done. Thank you Anne.

  • Melanie Burns


    Love it already!!!! <3

    • Anne Barbour


      I am praying the Lord will give each of us an amazing glimpse of Himself in the weeks to come! Love you, Mel!

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