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Lent – Gethsemane

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  • Lisa Smith


    Thanks for your comments over the past few posts on Jesus in Gethsemane, Anne. Such a hard time in Jesus' life to look at closely--so painful--but a close look can (obviously, from your posts) yield real treasures in teaching us and tenderizing our hears toward our Savior's sacrifice and suffering for us. And I'm totally into this blog thing! I know, I'm like ten years behind the times. But how great is it to get a little bit of wisdom delivered to your inbox every few days? Wow. I should have stopped reading books and moved online a long time ago! The immediacy of it is awesome! :)

    • Anne Barbour


      Welcome to the world of blogs! Hah! A minute longer and it might have become extinct! Honestly, though it's a forum that is still very meaningful, especially as folks chime in! Thanks for your thoughts here, Lisa! - Anne

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