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Jesus | Love to the End

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Dear Faithful Readers,

I’m so happy to have my inventory for this new devotional and announce that it’s out and ready for purchase. I anticipate these copies moving quickly so I wanted you to be the first to know they are available.

Is your experience leading up to Easter one filled with awe and anticipation? It can be! Jesus | Love to the End will help you saturate yourself in the story of Jesus’ final weeks up and through His death and resurrection. As you do that, you will find yourself responding deeply to the person of Jesus and His radical display of love. Whatever traditions and practices make up your preparation for Easter each year, the focus–the point of it all–is Jesus.

The devotional has thirty-four entries that span from Ash Wednesday (March 02, 2022) through Easter eve. It’s constructed with sections for journaling so it can act as a time-capsule for the pre-Easter season in which it is read. It is also meant to offer an opportunity to have a common experience with friends, family, or small groups.

I am forever changed in the writing of this book. I pray you will have a similar experience in the reading of it!

With Deep Gratitude to Jesus, and for Each of You,

Anne Barbour

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  • LuAnn Malcolm


    Anne, I am so excited that God led you to do this. I pray that He will use it to take me and all those who read it deeper in our understanding of who Jesus is and the magnitude of all He has done for us. LuAnn Malcolm

    • Anne Barbour


      Thanks so much LuAnn! He did that very thing for me!

  • Luann Budd


    Looking forward to reading your devotional! The cover is lovely and your testimony that it was a transformative personal experience to write the book makes me anxious to dive in. Thank you.

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