With My Whole Life ~

With-My-Whole-Life-Cover        With My Whole Life Back Cover
In This Place                         John and Anne Barbour
There is no other in all creation
Who rules in glory and searches the earth
For those who serve Him with a pure heart
For those who bow down and sing of His worth

Singing to the Son and to the Father
Singing to the God who saves
Singing to the Holy Spirit in this place
Lifting holy hands in adoration
Lifting holy hands in praise
Lifting holy hands to Jesus in this place

Verse 2:
His ways are higher and so He guides us
Knowing what’s ahead, always at our side
His love is perfect and never-changing
In His presence we’ll ever abide

Grateful and thankful is the song we sing
We stand together with our humble offering

With My Whole Life                         Anne Barbour
I will worship with my life, my whole life
I will sing Your praises with every breath
I will worship you, I will sing your praise
With every breath, with my whole life

Verse 2:
Let my life display Your grace and compassion
Let me touch the heart of the suffering
Let your life show forth through your servants hands
With every breath, with my whole life

As your child, I bow down before your throne
Praying all I do brings glory unto You alone

Verse 3:
May I seek Your holiness every moment
May I reach for You every day and night
You have drawn me in, and I remain in you
With every breath, with my whole life

The River                John & Anne Barbour
Do not be afraid, God is merciful
What was crimson red becomes as white as snow
Forgiveness & pardon are the gifts of God
Come to Him & bathe beneath the healing flow

And the river that cleanses
Is the river that’s guiding me safely home
Yes the water that washes
Is the water that quenches my thirsty soul
Making me whole

Verse 2:
Listen as He calls, naming you by name
Follow as He leads and He will make you strong
Guiding, directing your every step
While the waters flow moving you along

This Quiet Moment            Anne Barbour
Jesus let me hear Your voice
In this still & quiet moment
I wait for you to speak to me
In Your still small voice

Let me hear Your words of wisdom
I will hide them in my heart
They will draw me ever closer to Your throne

Jesus let me hear Your voice
In this still & quiet moment,
This quiet moment

Silently, I wait
Quietly,  I wait for You
Longingly, I wait
Lovingly, I wait for You

Undivided Heart             Michael Pierce Donley
Worthy are You to receive my undivided heart
Worthy are You to receive my undivided heart
The focus of my mind, the center of my soul
Worthy are You to receive my undivided heart

Verse 1:
Bring to my emptiness Your praises
Bring to my scattered thoughts Your peace
Take me to where Your fire blazes
Let all my hesitation cease

Verse 2:
Bring to my stagnancy revival
Bring to my restlessness relief
Find me expecting your arrival
Let all my doubt become relief

In Your Grace                         Anne Barbour
You pour out your blessings like rivers of kindness
That fall down the mountains
And float thru the valleys
To an ocean of grace

You give me all I need and all that I desire
Oh, I don’t deserve anything
But in Your grace you give me everything

Verse 2:
You pour out Your mercy and heal me completely
What’s died with the winter
Has come back to life
With the warmth of the Spring

Every blessing, every good & perfect gift
Every blessing comes down from above

Whoever Would Come                         John Barbour
We listened but we couldn’t hear
No one to guide us, we followed our fear
Wondered away from our home
But you said, whoever would come to Me
I will not turn away

Come to me if you are tired and weary
Find rest in me for your troubled soul
Wander no more, open the door of your heart
Whoever would come

Verse 2:
Broken in spirit, in need of repair
We are driven, but not to despair
You have prepared us a home
And you said, whoever came to Me
I would not turn away

Give us ears to hear
Your still small voice, saying…

You Made A Way                        John Barbour
You made a way for me
This is the day for me
To leave my old life behind
And to follow You

No longer the wanderer
Always searching alone
No longer the prodigal
I’ve found the road that leads me home

Here I Love Divine                         John Barbour
Here is love that heals the heart of man
Here is love that meets the laws demands
Such a love I cannot understand
Here is love divine

Love divine, Love divine
Eternal sacrifice for all mankind
Love divine, Love divine, here is love divine

Verse 2:
Sent from heaven as the Fathers Son
Walked among us as the chosen one
The Messiah, King of Kings has come
Here is love divine

Verse 3:
Here is love that pays the price of sin
Here is love that washes from within
Hope and promise to begin again
Here is love , Here is love
Here is love, divine

Be Thou My Vision            Eleanor Hull/ –traditional Irish melody Public Domain

Be Thou my vision oh Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art
Thou my best thought by day or by night
Walking or sleeping thy presence my light

Be Thou my wisdom and thou my true word
I ever with thee  and thou with me Lord
Thou and thou only first in my heart
High Kind of Heaven, my treasure thou art

High King of heaven my victory’s won
May I reach heaven’s joys, oh bright heavens sun
Heart of my own heart whatever befall
Still be my vision oh ruler of all