The Story of Perfect Love ~

The-Story-Of-Perfect-Love       The Story Of Perfect Love Back Cover
It’s All About Grace                Anne Barbour
Oh my Lord you are the Light by which I see
It’s all about grace, Your grace
You’re by my side however long the night might be
It’s all about grace, Your grace

All the joy that’s in my heart
and the peace abiding still
Since you died in my place,
It’s all about grace, Your grace

Verse 2:
Precious blood that covers me
It’s all about grace, Your grace
How Your Holy Spirit sets me free
It’s all about grace, Your grace

I have come to know Your blessings
Sure as the morning sun
Sure as the pain that comes,
Sure as I am Your child, most Holy One

Verse 3:
Every breath I ever take
It’s all about grace, Your grace
Every step to you I make
It’s all about grace, Your grace

The Lion and The Lamb               Anne Barbour/Billy Batstone
Who is He who’s the mightiest of all
Who is He creation trembles at His call
Who is He the lowly sacrifice
who paid a victims price His name is Jesus

Jesus, from the Father’s own right hand
Jesus, son of God and son of Man
Jesus, who died and rose again
Jesus, He’s the Lion and the Lamb

Verse 2:
Who is He with the power none can tame
Who is He that every foe would fear His name
Who is He who was humbly led away
To suffer that dark day His name is Jesus

Verse 3:
Who is He with the eyes that burn like fire
Who is He O, the wonder He inspires
Who is He who bore the guilt and shame
For the ones who’d gone astray His name is Jesus

That You Might Know Me             Anne Barbour
Your fragile frame I knew before the world was made
I loved you long before I separated night and day
And I hear every thought and word you say
I am familiar with your ways

Verse 2:
If you should travel earth and heaven, far and wide
You’ll have my hand upon you, guarding you from every side
Yes, everything you need I will provide
My gentle voice will be your guide

For my desire  is to heal your heart
In ways you can and cannot see
That you might know the priceless child you are
That you might know me

You could sooner count the grains of sand
Throughout the desert lands and on the ocean floors
Than count my thoughts toward you

Verse 3:
If the darkness fall upon you like the night
I’ll flood those midnight hours with rivers of unending light
You’ll find your way but by my sight.
You’ll know my peace both day and night

Beautiful            Anne Barbour
He spoke to me within the quiet of my heart
And called me by my name
He offered me His life, a token of His love
Like I was lovely
He said He’s loved me long before the world was made
He’s waited longingly for me to see His face
And I believed in Him

And I was beautiful, beautiful
His love alone for me made me beautiful
He sees into my soul and still I know
I am His bride to be and I am beautiful

Verse 2:
The refuse from a storm that’s scattered in its wake
That’s how I’ve seen myself
But pure and undefiled on whom His glory shines
That’s how He looks at me
He sees me in the light of Jesus sacrifice
A vision to behold and pleasing in His sight
O how He loves me

And I am beautiful, beautiful
His love alone for me makes me beautiful
He sees into my soul and still I know
I am His bride to be and I am beautiful

This Friend of Mine             John &Anne Barbour
His voice is still His voice is small
Sometimes it’s barely there at all
But when I need Him I just call
This friend of mine

Verse 2:
He sings His songs over me
All my days He accompanies
Protects me from my enemies
This friend of mine

Verse 3:
This friend of mine has journeyed far
Past the sun & through the stars
Through heaven’s gates, yet in my heart
This friend of mine

Come see this friend of mine
While he can yet be found
While you can hear the sound of his voice

Verse 4:
This friend of mine all dressed in white
Astride a horse and clothed in light
Returns to earth for me, His bride
This friend of mine

No One But You                           Anne Barbour
Who Have I but you
There is no one, there is no one
Who does my heart desire?
No one but You

You’re my Father, my Savior, my Beloved and Friend
Who Have I but you?
There is no one, there is no one but You
There is no one but You

Hearts Courageous              Dan & Jamie Collins
Give us ears to hear that still small voice
Give us lips forever willing to rejoice
And may our eyes be lit with wisdom
May we know the path that’s true
And we’ll march with hearts courageous after you

We’re marchin’ on with hearts courageous
We’ll follow anywhere you want us to
And should you lead us where the battle rages
Let us march with hearts courageous after you

Verse 2:
And when sorrow dims the light along our way
Help us to see each time of darkness through eyes of faith
A time for hope, a time for courage, knowing you will lead us through
And we’ll march with hearts courageous after you

I Will Follow             John & Anne Barbour
Father always near I wait for you here
Resting in the love that vanquishes fear
Waiting not a care, silence everywhere
Yet here in my heart a still small voice
Bids me to come and I must follow

Verse 2:
Suffer me to come, risen wounded one
I’ve found shelter in Your fathering arms
Suffer me to hear Your voice in my ear
Beckon me with words that draw me near
Bid me to come and I will follow

I will follow You
Where you want me to
I will follow You

Verse 3:
May Your kingdom come, may Your will be done
Father in heaven lift my eyes to the sky
One day I will see, heavens royalty
Till the day the trumpet rings in my ear
Bid me to come and I will  follow

That City/ We Will Walk Through the Streets of the City            John & Anne Barbour/Author Unknown

Chorus (That City):
On that day, we will song holy, holy
On that day we’ll bow down in the light
And then we’ll rise and turn our eyes
To the Lord Jesus Christ
The light of that city

We will walk through the streets of the city
Where our loved ones have all gone before
We will stand on the bank of the river
Where we’ll meet to part no more

If I Go Away            John Barbour
Don’t be troubled, don’t be fearful
Peace I leave with you
Perfect love will give you courage
My peace I leave with you

If I go away I’ll come again someday
And take you to that lovely place
where you can be with me

Verse 2:
Love each other as I’ve loved you
Do as I command
Greater love has no one than this
Lay down your life for your friends

I will not leave you without comfort
The Comforter will come
He will help you finish the race you’ve begun

The Story of Perfect Love            Anne Barbour
What would a father do to heal his dying  child
Would he move heav’n and earth  For his precious one
Yes,  Yes, this is just what your Father’s done

Verse 2:
What would a father do to rescue his wayward son?
Would He leave all behind for His precious one?
Yes, Yes, this is just what your Father’s done

This is the story of  Bethlehem
When God Himself became a man
When the Savior was sent from heav’n above
This is the story of perfect love
This is the story of perfect  love

Verse 3:
What would a father say, what words would reveal His heart?
“I would lay down my life for you whom I love”
Yes, yes, these are words from your Father above