‘Stand in the Light’

He Won’t Go Away        John and Anne Barbour

Wind in the trees,
calling my name like a lover at night
Heavenly breeze,
piloting all of my hopes and my dreams.
Giving them flight
Almost as if someone is watching
Almost as if He really cares

Sometimes I think I can hear Him
Singing in rooms that my heart locked away
Whispering low, beckoning all my devotion
And He won’t go away

Verse 2:
Indelible sign, pointing the way to a paradise lost
Permanent line,  tracing a bridge over rivers of doubt
To many rivers to cross
Someone’s at my shoulder
Guiding me to the other side

Sometimes in the deepest night,
I can hear Him calling
So secure and comforting

Verse 3:
Faith is a dance,
those who would learn it  must start with a crawl
Destiny’s chance ,
finding a partner who wants me again
After I fall
I’ll wind my prayer around him
Hold him until he stays

Stand in the Light           John & Anne Barbour

The lights have gone out all over the world
& left us to wander blind
All we can hear is the sound of our fear
As darkness reveals our crime
Our biggest mistake is the distance we make
Where is the tie that binds

When we stand in the light don’t we all look the same
When we stand in the light of His sovereign grace
When we stand in the light can’t we all see our sin
When we stand, stand in the light of Him

Verse 2:
The young ones see visions the old ones dream dreams
The latter reign has come
There are wonders in heaven & wonders on earth
But where has the blessing gone
It’s out in the cold night embracing the starlight
Chasing down the dawn

Verse 3:
There’s a garment we wear crafted with care
Woven by love alone
It’s a garment of faith a mantle of grace
Proof of the love He’s shown
I dream of the day when our walls melt away
& by our love we’re known

Achin’ Over You               John and Anne Barbour

It’s in your voice, it’s in your eyes
A need for love you can embrace
The strength to keep your hope alive
I’ve seen it come, then disappear without a trace

I’ve been achin’ over you
I’ve been wondering what can I do
Cause I still believe it’s true
Love will find it’s way around to you

Verse 2:
I know your loneliness is real
I know in love you’ve been betrayed
I’m here within the void you feel
For what it’s worth, if I were him, I would’ve stayed

For so long you have suffered needless pain
So much fear inside your heart
Don’t you know if the faintest light remains
You don’t have to be afraid of the dark

Stay With Me              Anne Barbour

You’re in my heart, you’re in my mind
You give me joy beyond the realm of measured time
Until it seems that love’s enough
To make you stay, stay with me

Verse 2:
It’s hard to think of love unkind
But this old world will tell you tales until you’re blind
Love’s a start, but not enough
To make you stay, to stay with me

With every gentle touch the fear that you could go
Takes a breath away from me

Verse 3:
There is no word or promise line
But with our eyes we speak a silent hopeful rhyme
That time will show a perfect way
To make you stay, stay with me

Righteous Father             John and Anne Barbour

There was a man without a face
A gentle spirit, he came to me and said
He said, “there’s so much hate inside man’s heart
So little love, so little love.”

Verse 2:
See that boy lying in the street
A stranger killed him for the shoes on his feet
Or maybe it was the color of his skin
Or where he lived, or who he knew

Righteous, righteous father
Help me love my, love my brother
Give me eyes that see no color
Like the love you’ve shown me

Verse 3:
Inside a little cardboard house
He slept the night away dreaming of a far off land
He saw many mansions, one was his
And then he woke, and then he woke

So many people fighting wars we wish we could ignore
His friends don’t visit anymore
He reminds them of a room without a door
Some say if this is how he wants to live
Then this is the price and he pays alone 

If I Don’t Let Go            Anne Barbour

I’ve taken safe harbor to hide my fears
By now I have nurtured them many years
A faithful companion my fear has been
Though I wouldn’t call it a friend
No, I wouldn’t call it a friend

Verse 2:
I’ve carved out a canyon to hold my grief
I’ve buried emotions I cannot reach
I’m standing behind my dividing wall
But it’s getting ready to fall
Oh it’s getting to fall

If I don’t let go
If I can’t release all the fear in my heart
I will surely fall
If I don’t let go of it all
If I don’t let go of it all

Verse 3:
I’ll never forget when you went away
It stays with me like it was yesterday
My heart turned so cold and my hate so strong
My anger’s been with me so long
I’m afraid I’d be lost with it gone

I’ve given so much of my life away
Holding up in my hide-a-way

Take Me In                Anne Barbour

This darkened storm has brought me to my knees
And it keeps on beating down
Her eyes can gently smile and calm my rage
But like an unrelenting sound

I feel the tide sweep over me
Pulling me further from the shore
Taking away my strength to fight

Please take me in
Hold me close to your heart
Are you an angel sent to rescue me
Keep me from sinking too far into the night
Take me into the light
Into the light

Verse 2:
A man betrayed has fixed his eyes on me
And I think he’s seen my heart
But my vision’s cruelly colored by the past
And I can’t tell them apart

Trans 2:
It’s not a question of love
I’m losing hold of sanity
I only know to turn and run

The Words I Speak             Anne Barbour, John Barbour & Glenn Garrett & Bob Somma

Girls and boys have always lied
when sticks and stones are hurled
Whoever said that words can’t kill
is surely not from my world
For I have seen the pain
that wells up in your eyes
When words, like blows that bruise for life,
are hurled by careless foes

I will guard the words I speak to you
Like a lioness, her young
May they bring no breath of harm to you
May they speak of hope to come
May they speak of hope to come

Verse 2:
I’m sure they made the window pane
for tears and rain to fall on
A place from which the battered and abused
can watch for freedom
They watch and wait so long
that hope runs out of sight
And healing hands within their reach
stay hidden in the night

Verse 3:
If all the love I feel inside
could find it’s way to you
If I had the power
I’d erase your painful wounds
But here within my arms
is all that I can give
I’ll hold you close until you find
a way to hope again

Between Here and Heaven            John Barbour

There’s a fragile cloud in my mind tonight,
a precarious balance of thought
My only instinct is unspoken fear
of the battle that needs to be fought
I talk to myself ‘til I’m blue in the face
but I cannot recall what I mean
I prod Him with questions in an effort to cope
with my penchant for hopeless dreams

But the wind still blows from a place unknown
And the sun still rises and falls
The invisible God still saves every tear
Cried between here and heaven

Verse 2:
My cumbersome heart is a fickle friend
slowly turning this way and that
Knowing the way and then not walking there
I’m having to find my way back
I could pay the piper but not today
I’ve got much better things to do
But best intentions seem to disobey
and I’m poorer in spirit and truth

So many questions between here and heaven
All of these questions they keep rolling through my mind
So many questions between here and heaven
To many questions they keep rolling through my mind

Up ahead there’s a bend in the road,
turn the corner and try to smile
The voice in my ear brings a rush of renewal
And the questions are gone for a while

This is my Father’s World                 Maltie D. Babcock ( Traditional English Melody)

This is my Father’s world
And to my listening ears
All nature sings, and ‘round me rings
The music of the spheres.

This is my Father’s world
O let me never forget
That though the wrong seems oh so strong
God is the Ruler yet

This is my Father’s world
I rest me in thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
His hand the wonders wrought

This is my Father’s world
And to my listening ears
All nature sings and ‘round  me rings
The music of the spheres

Chorus 2:
This is my Father’s world
I rest me in thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
His hand the wonders wrought
This is my Father’s world, the battle is not done
Jesus who died will be satisfied, and Earth and Heaven be one
Jesus who died will be satisfied, and Earth and Heaven be one