Songs for the Journey ~

Song for the Journey           John & Anne Barbour

Life has no easy equations not that I have found
Progress is made is inches along the stony ground
With me are my companions We’re following the sound
of music in the noonday sun
He’s still singing, singing after sun-down

A song for the journey A psalm in the dark
Ignites a tiny
Let it light my way
For one more day of the journey

Verse 2:
Walking on this valley floor my soul begins to rise
To the source of His song, to the voice I recognize
With me are my companions, our eyes are on the skies
The Savior’s song is lifting us up
 up to where the eagle flies

He sings, his song over me
He sings, sings his song over me, over me

Casting Shadows                 John and Anne Barbour

Casting shadows over me
Shade that cools and covers me
‘Neath the blazing sun and scorching heat
You’re casting shadows over me, over me

Verse 1:
This sense of protection
This feeling of care
From birth till now and everywhere
Down thru the years thru peaks & valleys
You’ve been standing there

Verse 2:
This feeling of safety
This feeling of peace
May it never leave may it never cease
Down thru the years thru peaks & valleys
I’ve known Your release

This darkness is not the night
It’s just Your shadow

This Might Be the Day           John & Anne Barbour

Summer came with a glow in the far Eastern sky
She rolled in slowly then the days seemed to fly
And autumn came and pushed her aside
Without even having to try

Verse 2:
Winter arrived with a shudder on a day cold and gray
moody and reflective she sighed as if to say
I have breathed my last cold breath
This might be the day

Come, come Lord Jesus
The season’s seem to say
Come, even so come
This might be the day

See how all creation groans
Every creature looking for a home

Verse  3:
Springtime nudges her blossoms in a sea of verdant green
Rising above it sky of aquamarine
But clouds in the distance
could mask armies unseen

I Bless the Day         John & Anne Barbour

You’ve been the needle and the thread
I’ve been the hammer and the nail
Together we’ve built a life
Faithfully without fail
Thru all the seasons of life with you
My heart tells me to follow thru

I bless the day our hearts were joined
I bless the day you let me make you mine
Thru all the years come what may,
My love, I bless the day

Verse 2:
If the heavens send a storm
And the winds of trouble blow
Together we’ll stand against the wind
And the rain will make us grow
Thru all the seasons of life with you
My heart tells me to follow thru

In everything that we endure
my heart becomes more yours, I’m sure

It Will Be Alright           John and Anne Barbour

There’s a room that plays a midnight melody
Once the darkness closes in
You begin to sing a song that tells a tale
Of your loneliness within
But it will be alright, alright

Verse 2:
There’s a moon that lights a circle where you stand
Like an island in the sea
You may find what you’ve searched for all your life
In she midnight boundary
And it will be alright, alright

Every dark night gives way to the dawn
Every sunset’s a memory after it’s gone
Walk by faith in mid-day sun and moonlight
And it will be alright

Verse 3:
Paint the color of your heart an ocean blue
Release it to the tide
Set adrift upon the current of His love
You’ll sail the ocean wide
And it will be alright alright

Wholly Yours              Anne Barbour

You say, “Child, come along and put your hand in mine.
I’m your Father. Everything you need I will provide.”
You want me to take the next step You place before me
And trust You with everything I see
Cause You’re out there ahead
And You’re right here beside me

I’m Yours I’m Yours I’m wholly Yours
Let my will, my ways, be wholly Yours 

Verse 2:
Father, who do I have I heaven but You?
Truly there’s none upon the earth that I desire but You
Though my flesh will fail me
and my heart betray the very things I long to do
I know You are my strength
and my portion till the journey’s through

I am not my own
I was bought with a price
I am not my own

Exalta          Anne Barbour

Exalta, por siempre su nombre

Los cielos  cuentan de su gloria
Y el firmamento de sus obras
La noche revela su sabiduria
La tiera llena de su voz

Exalta, que el mundo to exalta
Exalta, por siempre su nombre
Exalta, que el mundo lo exalta
Por siempre su nombre

The Family Tree         John & Anne Barbour

I got my father’s laugh, I got my father’s hands
And the way my father made demands
He seemed ten feet tall with a ready smile
But underneath were all the things he could not reconcile

I don’t know when it happened
How far back it all began
But when I think of him and look at me
I recognize the family tree

I need more than the wars of my father
And his father before him
I want the peace of my Father in heaven

Verse 2:
I did not know him well, although I’m sure he tried
But I came to know early on what he loved and despised

I was only  a young man
when the years took their toll on you
In all the years since then
I’ve behaved like you told me to.

Catch Me When I Fall               John and Anne Barbour, Bob Wilson

Upon the land beneath the sea
In what remains a mystery
Through every beat in time
From here through eternity
Your arms will carry me

Verse 2:
And in the valley long and wide
And in the dark where shadows hide
Through the invisible
Forever You will abide forever by my side

All at once it touches me the wonder of it all
There is no where You won’t lead the way
And catch me when I fall

Verse 3:
It’s through Your eyes I long to see
The road Your Spirit lights for me
Along the narrow way
Patiently how You lead satisfying every need

Vamp Out:
Through every valley wide, up every mountain side
I know you will catch me when I fall
In the dark where shadows hide, Lord Jesus, be my guide
I need You to catch me when I fall
Through Your eyes I long to see the road you have for me
I need You to catch me when I fall

Lay it Down           John & Anne Barbour

What is that you’re holding in your hand?
Weary pilgrim, when did it become so hard to stand?
Have you found you cannot carry it as long as you had planned?
What is that you’re holding in your hand?

Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down

Verse 2:
Every time you take a step of faith
You’re hindered by a heavy load, you’re burdened by the weight
And looking down the path you always seem to hesitate
Every time you take a step of faith

My yoke is easy and my burden’s light

Verse 3:
You can come to me and find your rest
Lay your burden down and lay your head here on my breast
Cast your care on Me child, I make this one request
Will you come to me and find your rest?

To Be There                Bill Batstone, John and Anne Barbour

I heard a voice from a distant land
The home of God is now with man
A sanctuary high above
Sheltered in His holy love

To be there with my Savior
Nothing else can satisfy the longing in my soul
All the riches of the world
I would gladly leave behind
To be there, to be there with my Savior

Verse 2:
Every tear will be wiped away
No more sorrow and no more pain
The sting of death will be destroyed
And in its place a song of joy

Verse 3:
We will behold his glory
And with all of the saints cry, “holy”
The spotless Lamb upon the throne
Will welcome His children home