It’s All About Grace ~

All-About-Grace-Cover        Its All About Grace Back Cover
Your Ways
             John Barbour and Bob Wilson

To know it all so perfectly but never be all the way known
To visit the world You created and never quite feel at home
Not afraid to be human, not afraid of anything
Not afraid to lay your life down and become an offering

That’s what it must be like to be God, but how would I know
I’m just a single grain of sand, but I’m coming to know that

Your ways are higher than my ways,
Your way’s higher than my ways or my thoughts
Your ways, Your way’s higher than mine.

Verse 2:
To know how much Your love is worth and watch its sold so easily
To buy the most expensive gift, turn it around and give it away for free
To never have to explain yourself though always be misunderstood
To form each and every tree and then die on a cross made out of wood.

It’s All About Grace            Anne Barbour

Oh my Lord you are the Light by which I see
It’s all about grace, Your grace
You’re by my side however long the night might be
It’s all about grace,, Your grace

All the joy that’s in my heart
and the peace abiding still
Since you died in my place
It’s all about grace, Your grace

Verse 2:
Precious blood that covers me
It’s all about grace, Your grace
How Your Holy Spirit sets me free
It’s all about grace, Your grace

I have come to know Your blessings
sure as the morning sun
Sure as the pain that comes,
sure as I am Your child
most Holy One

Verse 3:
Every breath I ever take
It’s all about grace, Your grace
Every step to you I make
It’s all about grace, Your grace

Let’s Love          John and Anne Barbour

First we drew a border line
Summoned our kindred to one side
Then with mortar & these stones
we built a great divide

Verse 2:
Built it high to hide our fears
We built it tall to shield our eyes
Built it deep to keep our ears
from hearing distant cries

All the wishing in the world
cannot make it fall
But we will beak God’s heart
if we don’t break down this wall

Let’s love in such a way
Every stone in the wall crumbles & falls away
Let’s tear it down with love profound
Bring heaven down let’s love that way

Verse 3:
Sit & tell me your stories
& I will tell you mine
I will share with you my bread
& we’ll break open the wine

Trans 2:
We’ll throw open these doors,
light will flood this place
& we’ll learn the ways of love
as brotherhood shows it’s face

From every tribe & from every nation,
all together in celebration

Follow Me            John and Anne Barbour

The One who separated time & place is calling me
“Lay your earthly treasure down & come & follow Me”
For where your treasure is,
That is where your heart will be

What if He said “follow me”
Through barren land and open sea
To a future no one but He could see
What if He could guarantee every day a mystery
Then He offered it for free & said “follow Me”

Verse 2:
It wouldn’t  be enough to bear His name & live at ease
To see my soul-devotion rising by such small degrees
Every moment all of me,
Caught up in the mystery

Mercy, such mercy
That He would ever ask for me
& that by name

For Such A Time As This        Anne Barbour

I’ve built my house here ‘long side this mountain
This rugged mountain that stands so tall
I’ve built a good life above the lowlands
It’s more than I’d asked for but less than I dreamed
I’ve often heard a voice call down to me
“If you’d climb higher you’d find wondrous  things to see
But the way is steep and a storm may come.”

For such a time as this, isn’t it much too great a risk
I’ve never flown from the edge of a cliff
Never walked on the water
But if I turn away, how will I know what I have missed
Have I waited all of my life for such a time as this

Verse 2:
I’ve been content to not ask those questions
That stir the rivers, that move the waves
The windless waters are so much more peaceful
They calm my spirit in silent song
But I’ve often wondered what’s eluding me
The yearning meant to free me from complacency
But the way is steep and  a storm may come

Sometimes the thrill of soaring has to begin
With the fear of falling

Stand in the Light       John & Anne Barbour

The lights have gone out
all over the world
& left us to wander blind
All we can hear
is the sound of our fear
As darkness reveals our crime
Our biggest mistake is the distance we make
Where is the tie that binds

When we stand in the light
don’t we all look the same
When we stand in the light
of His sovereign grace
When we stand in the light
can’t we all see our sin
When we stand,
stand in the light of Him

Verse 2:
The young one see visions
the old ones dream dreams
The latter reign has come
There are wonders in heaven
& wonders on earth
But where has the blessing gone
It’s out in the cold night embracing the starlight
Chasing down the dawn

Verse 3:
There’s a garment we wear
crafted with care
Woven by love alone
It’s a garment of faith
a mantle of grace
Proof of the love He’s shown
I dream of the day when our walls melt away
& by our love we’re known

Living Water             John and Anne Barbour

Here in the Sahara,
we could all use some rain
I know this to be true
sure as there’s blood in these veins
My tears they wet the desert,
but the desert’s bone dry
I hear the winds of change are blowin’
if You will seed the sky with

Living water, living water runs deep
Drink the water, living water is free

Verse 2:
Days and night in prison
and this thirst won’t go away
Thirsty after righteousness
but I wake up in prison almost every day
Blessed are the thirsty
for they will be satisfied
And I will live with You forever
with a mighty river rushing inside

Time can be relentless
but time can be my friend
Time will see a garden grow
where once was just a wasteland

Like You Do              John and Anne Barbour

I could sooner find a single drop of rain
That had fallen from the sky into the sea
Than find one I could compare with You
Who holds the span of time within His hand
(His hand, He holds time within His hand)

Take away the royal hue
Take away Your beauty too
and all the lovely things you do
Still no one comes close to You
No one loves me like You do

Verse 2:
I grew wings and found the corner of the sky
Then flew twice as far the other way around
In every place I found myself surrounded by
Your everlasting arms 

Above the world I’m safe in Your love
I’ve searched around the world to find
A love that stands the test of time
Your love It means the world to me
No other love could set me free like you do

Carry Me On        John Barbour and Bob Wilson

I’ve looked but I’ve never seen
My hopes and dreams forsaken
Every river I’ve sailed upon
became the one less taken

Moving water, river-tide, carry me on
River deep, river wide as the Jordan, carry me on

Overhead, angels beat their wings
“Peace be still” the voice of the river sings
All around the sea becomes the ground
And I walk the water while His grace and
His mercy rain down

Verse 2:
Troubled waters they beckon me
The open sea washes over my head
Above all the waves I can hear “peace be still”
And the waters yield and become my bed.

Overhead, angels beat their wings
“peace be still” the voice of the river sings
All around, the sea becomes the ground
And I walk the water while His grace and
His mercy rain down
When I’m weak, He alone is strong
And when I’m weary, he carries me along

Humble My Heart        John and Anne Barbour & Bob Wilson

This life humbles me
It reminds me everyday
How hard it is to make it home
Even when you know the way
Pride & circumstance can keep me far away
Even when I stray Your grace is mine today
Lord teach me to say
Humble my heart

Verse 2:
This life humbles me
And a humble man I’m not
The earth could open up & slowly
everything I’ve got
Could disappear and sink into the shifting sand
And then with empty hands
I’d give in to life’s demands
I know all of this was planned
Humble my heart

Sometimes I act as though the world belongs to me
Just because I live here in my quiet luxury
Sometimes your words invade my thoughts they gently call
Apart from me you’re nothing, nothing at all
Humble my heart

Do justice love mercy
walk humbly with God

That City           John and Anne Barbour

In this house we’ve built of make-believe
Loved ones go long before seems its time to leave
But we will learn how to grieve
To forgive and receive till we see them there in that city

Verse 2:
Span of stars overhead as we walk this road
While this darkness remains I will bear your load
And while together we will tend the seed
He’s sown as we walk along the road to that city

Chorus 1:
On that day we will sing Holy, Holy
On that day we’ll bow down in the light
And then we’ll rise and turn our eyes
To the One who’s the light of that city

Verse 3:
Though my eyes can’t see what is waiting there
Though my mind can’t conceive all that He’s prepared
There the blind will see the sun
What was old we will be young
And the lame will run all over the streets of that city

Chorus 2:
On that day we will sing Holy, Holy
On that day we’ll bow down in the light
And then we’ll rise and turn our eyes
To the Lord Jesus Christ, He’s the light of that city