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HOPE for Real

How is your HOPE meter registering these days? And how about your people? These days I’m finding there’s a major HOPE deficit no matter where I turn, (which of course means that people are despairing at an all time high). Do you wonder why? Why so much hopelessness?

The Word of God is very specific about the necessity of having HOPE. And it’s very specific about the Source of HOPE. The picture is of a human soul metaphorically anchored to GOD, (Hebrews 6). There is no other reliable place to anchor our souls. Any other anchoring will fail. Anchoring to GOD cannot fail. No new news here for Christ followers…

However, I am learning afresh that I have been thinking far too narrowly about HOPE, settling for an elementary understanding when something far more significant is right under my nose. Can you identify? And if so, might this be a clue as to why HOPE is plummeting in record proportions, (more about that in the next post). For now, I wonder how the following thoughts, along with the scripture references below, will strike you. Perhaps the LORD will speak to you as He has been to me.

~ HOPE appears to be a treasured commodity, one produced through very specific means (think how a pearl or a diamond come to be what they are).
~ HOPE is an essential. Its polar-opposite is despair. People experiencing despair struggle to find a reason to keep living. People of HOPE remain anchored in the midst of all manner of hardship.
~ Hope wanes. No one is always HOPE-filled. When hope wanes and I cannot waken my own soul, my brothers and sisters in Christ are meant to stand at the ready… to HOPE for me until I get my feet again.

I’m looking forward to posting again soon, to flesh out what I’m learning as thoughts keeps percolating in the company of God. I would love to hear from you too if the Spirit is speaking to you about HOPE.

“Hope means hoping when things are hopeless,
or it is no virtue at all…
As long as matters are really hopeful,
hope is mere flattery or platitude;
it is only when everything is hopeless
that hope begins to be a strength.”

G.K. Chesterton

~For reflection~
Romans 5:3-4; 15:4,
I Corinthians 13:7,
Psalm 130:5-6,
Lamentations 3:24-25,
1 Peter 3:14-16

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